Shadow light

Shadow light

Beautiful ashes,



Pouring’s of my soul run deep like cold rainy drops,

Flooding streams of betrayal,

Soaked with pain, I am.

Shivering scars embedded beneath

Could you see me?

And give me a little grace,

Perhaps ?

Let me soak the heat under your shadow light

Chase my fears away,

Nurse my scars,

Lend me your ears

And dry my tears,

Till I see the sunrise in your eyes.

Could you see me and hold me?

Could you?

watch me, patiently

Drop this burning weight of guilt

As I limp forth into the light

Could you hold me when I stumble?

And order my steps

Till I dance into the airy heights

Floating like a feather

Defying gravity!

Could you?

Would you?

Love Me?

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