The Edge

Every once in a while, I sit on this edge….
Perhaps, very often than ever before..
I sit on this edge…
The edge of “I don’t know what to do now…”
And of “how many punches do I have to throw out before I win…?”

So I sit…
For hours.. days.. months.. seasons..
Right here on this edge.
For my wings to finally take flight.

The edge,
Not so much of a bad place after all,
So I have learnt…
It is what I need most..
For it is at this edge,
I learn to fly,
Not with my Wings,
But with His wings,
On this Edge
I find Rest and assurance for my soul…
That when I jump…
I will soar,!!!
Higher than my own wings could ever take me!

On this edge of my wondering Soul,
I find refuge for all my lifes longings!
So I sit!
On this Edge!

©Trails of Hope

All Rights Reserved®

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