Ride On

Ride On

You ride on roads of uncertainty

With bruised feet and sore heels

Journeying towards tomorrow

Through the scorching golden rays

You ride on

With thirsty throats and teary eyes

Holding on to your last breath

You ride on!!

You ride on the darkest valleys

Scolded and mocked by dear-ones

Counted out and forgotten like streets kids under rusting bridges

Yet still

You ride on the wings of grace and faith

Counting not the tears

Nor the pain

But with joy and gratitude

You ride on!

In the deepest valleys of what if’s

You hide in curves of despair

Clinging to hope as a flickering flame

With cold cheeks looking towards the skies

You wait

And wait

And ride on at the dawn

Unto a better tomorrow

You ride on!!!

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