Sweet Salvation

Sweet Salvation

Great is thy faithfulness

He who sits on the throne of righteousness

Out of the seas of covetousness

And ashes of desperation

A wretch like me,

You drew out

The old rugged cross bled with sins stains.

Out of the son’s groaning cries unto death,

Salvation you bore.

And in the palms of grace,

You rest my case.

Out of the ashes of doom,

You rose again!

Forever Justified

I am !

Eternally glorified,

A loyal heir of the throne!

Great is thy faithfulness!

He who sits on the throne of righteousness!!

Sunset Drive

sunset drive

Sunset Drive

Soaked with sunset rays

Shimmering through the rear view mirror,

Hearts beat louder than our favorite song,

Passing stares of passion,

Fingers intertwined,

Down the bypass we go

Spreading eyes across the green fields

Worries wither in the cold breeze

Lost in our world of possibilities

Belief is our fuel!

Here, in this space between

We soar like Eagles!

You and I

Just you and I.

Life Archives

Life’s Archives

Somewhere in the archives of our lives

Lays a sea of secrets.

Worlds of words unknown ,

Emotions no heart has felt,

Burdens no other soul could carry,

In the archives of our lives,

Lays a sea of life’s shattered pieces.

Longing cries to be heard,

Words unmurmured haunt the soul,

Like graves at night,

Buried six feet under with boxes of shame,

Sealed and asphyxiated,

Rusting and rotting in the cages of our bones,

Longing to be heard,

Fears and egos shut vulnerability doors,

Denying a souls freedom,

Once again!

For how long can a soul bear a burden??

For eternity ?


I will never know.

Worth the Fight

Worth the Fight


When the skies are blue

And the clouds light

We will stand like the cedar tree in the great Amazon

Tall and firm,

Grounded to our roots,

Waving branches of triumph.

Through the pruning,

We prevailed,

And the burning heat,

We survived.

From the ashes,

We rise…

Till we see the sunrise

Brushing through a radiation of glory.

A reminder that the fight is


Forever will be …

Worth it

Robert Street

Robert Street

Curvy streets meandering like ocean waves,

Filled with beaming souls crossing paths,

Like a swirl of honeybees ,

Searching for lifes’ fading light,

Into the world of the unknown and yet known to thee.

Chatters echo in the air,

Smiles passed and fingers warmly intertwine,

Locking eyes with strangers,

In the world of the unknown and yet known to thee,

I glimpse of hope I find in the stares of strangers.

My soul rumbles within me ,

For in this moment,

I saw past the color of eyes,

And the twisting of the tongue,


Only the nobleness of the human spirit illuminated!!!

Burn! Burn!Burn!

let go, live.

Burn! Burn! Burn!

I lit a match over this mountainous ego

Watch the flames of defeat burn

Burn burn burn!!!!

Tearing down pillars of Narcissism

A glorious ruin!!

Ashes swept off with restorations winds

Clearing paths to consciousness

Sighs of relief fill the air and

Teary eyes open windows to humanity

Caring, loving and laughing

With the least of them all!

Under moonlight shadows

I found my soul

Burned down and yet glowing with life

I lost it all,

To live again

Shadow light

Shadow light

Beautiful ashes,



Pouring’s of my soul run deep like cold rainy drops,

Flooding streams of betrayal,

Soaked with pain, I am.

Shivering scars embedded beneath

Could you see me?

And give me a little grace,

Perhaps ?

Let me soak the heat under your shadow light

Chase my fears away,

Nurse my scars,

Lend me your ears

And dry my tears,

Till I see the sunrise in your eyes.

Could you see me and hold me?

Could you?

watch me, patiently

Drop this burning weight of guilt

As I limp forth into the light

Could you hold me when I stumble?

And order my steps

Till I dance into the airy heights

Floating like a feather

Defying gravity!

Could you?

Would you?

Love Me?