Ride On

Ride On

You ride on roads of uncertainty

With bruised feet and sore heels

Journeying towards tomorrow

Through the scorching golden rays

You ride on

With thirsty throats and teary eyes

Holding on to your last breath

You ride on!!

You ride on the darkest valleys

Scolded and mocked by dear-ones

Counted out and forgotten like streets kids under rusting bridges

Yet still

You ride on the wings of grace and faith

Counting not the tears

Nor the pain

But with joy and gratitude

You ride on!

In the deepest valleys of what if’s

You hide in curves of despair

Clinging to hope as a flickering flame

With cold cheeks looking towards the skies

You wait

And wait

And ride on at the dawn

Unto a better tomorrow

You ride on!!!

The Edge

Every once in a while, I sit on this edge….
Perhaps, very often than ever before..
I sit on this edge…
The edge of “I don’t know what to do now…”
And of “how many punches do I have to throw out before I win…?”

So I sit…
For hours.. days.. months.. seasons..
Right here on this edge.
For my wings to finally take flight.

The edge,
Not so much of a bad place after all,
So I have learnt…
It is what I need most..
For it is at this edge,
I learn to fly,
Not with my Wings,
But with His wings,
On this Edge
I find Rest and assurance for my soul…
That when I jump…
I will soar,!!!
Higher than my own wings could ever take me!

On this edge of my wondering Soul,
I find refuge for all my lifes longings!
So I sit!
On this Edge!

©Trails of Hope

All Rights Reserved®



Speak to me when the silence steals my mind..
In the face of uncast shadows,
Hide me…
Shield me from myself..
When war wages within me….
Raise in me..
An alter of thankgiving and power…
Let my cup overflow..
To the streams of my cracked soul…
Sprout in me a vine of scarlet sacrifice…
Set my mind on things above…
Like a tree planted by the waters, quech my soul…
Give me Rest…
Oh everlasting

©Trails of Hope 2019
All Rights Reserved®.

Smoldering Embers

On a hot summers day

I met a stranger,

Tall and fair; he was.

And I was ten.

His sparkling eyes caught mine

Ruminating deep into my soul

Lighting up embers of my core

“I know you” said his soul

I shyly smiled away.

Heart beating louder than the African drum

Surrounded by shadow thoughts

On a hot summers day

I found myself wrapped in your soul.

#Strangers #crossing-paths #Orabile

Trails of Hope 2019.

All Rights Reserved.


treasure the seasons

 As I watch the trees wither in the cold rainy night,

My heart hunts for your soul

Each raindrop carries a memory

I take a trip down to once upon a time

I remember your smile

And your brown eyes locking site with mine

I recall being lost in your soul

And yet realizing I found myself there.

I remember watching the moonlight skies

Feeling the cool breeze,

Leaning towards your shoulder,

Saying nothing at all

And feeling like I had it all.

I smile as seasons change

And yet your memories remain.

A treasure of a lifetime,

To have known love

To have loved

And to have been loved.

Horror Space

In this horror space between ,

I watch golden horizons fade away,

Gloomy skies make way to my soul.

Once again,

Caught up in a sea of what was, what is and what will be.

In this horror space between,

Haunted by mistakes made,

Reminiscing of wonders shared,

Reciting words unsaid,

In this horror space between,

I rest my soul in the arms of time,

A friend that is fragile and

Scarce like the days of my youth.

In this horror space between  

I wonder if my friend time has time for my dreams

Sweet Salvation

Sweet Salvation

Great is thy faithfulness

He who sits on the throne of righteousness

Out of the seas of covetousness

And ashes of desperation

A wretch like me,

You drew out

The old rugged cross bled with sins stains.

Out of the son’s groaning cries unto death,

Salvation you bore.

And in the palms of grace,

You rest my case.

Out of the ashes of doom,

You rose again!

Forever Justified

I am !

Eternally glorified,

A loyal heir of the throne!

Great is thy faithfulness!

He who sits on the throne of righteousness!!

Sunset Drive

sunset drive

Sunset Drive

Soaked with sunset rays

Shimmering through the rear view mirror,

Hearts beat louder than our favorite song,

Passing stares of passion,

Fingers intertwined,

Down the bypass we go

Spreading eyes across the green fields

Worries wither in the cold breeze

Lost in our world of possibilities

Belief is our fuel!

Here, in this space between

We soar like Eagles!

You and I

Just you and I.

Life Archives

Life’s Archives

Somewhere in the archives of our lives

Lays a sea of secrets.

Worlds of words unknown ,

Emotions no heart has felt,

Burdens no other soul could carry,

In the archives of our lives,

Lays a sea of life’s shattered pieces.

Longing cries to be heard,

Words unmurmured haunt the soul,

Like graves at night,

Buried six feet under with boxes of shame,

Sealed and asphyxiated,

Rusting and rotting in the cages of our bones,

Longing to be heard,

Fears and egos shut vulnerability doors,

Denying a souls freedom,

Once again!

For how long can a soul bear a burden??

For eternity ?


I will never know.

Worth the Fight

Worth the Fight


When the skies are blue

And the clouds light

We will stand like the cedar tree in the great Amazon

Tall and firm,

Grounded to our roots,

Waving branches of triumph.

Through the pruning,

We prevailed,

And the burning heat,

We survived.

From the ashes,

We rise…

Till we see the sunrise

Brushing through a radiation of glory.

A reminder that the fight is


Forever will be …

Worth it